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91.) 7-pointed Flower in Mustard, Göttingen, D (2006)
This formation appeared very unusual and late around the 25th of October in mustard fields close to a highway and a prehistoric sight. A sign of big change. A hint that there might be unusual things to come. Helps us to stay calm and centered, it does not matter whatever might happen around us.


92.) Snail, Rheinau, CH (2007)
Anticlockwise formation. It has a cleansing effect on thoughts and old patterns. Right and left hemisphere become connected so that inner balance can appear and thoughts can be brought into logical structures.

93.) Long Borrow, West Kennet, UK (2007)
This beautiful formation next to an old graveyard symbolizes the transit process to the next dimension. Helps us to develop a better understanding of physical death as a transit into another dimension.


94.) Jugglers Lane, Cherhill, UK (2007)
This formation is like a grinded diamond. It exposes our inner beautiness, strengthens our character and the sence for aesthetic.


95.) Butterfly, Hailey Wood Ashbury, UK (2007)
This essence has the shape of a butterfly, a symbol of transformation. It's supporting us with the processes of change and reminds us of the lightness and joy of our soul.


96.) Paradise Forest, Diessenhofen, CH (2008)
This formation gives you a strong and positive life strengthening power. It supports positive thoughts and strengthens the immune system. Helps people in difficult situations, to concentrate on the positive and to connect with God.

97.) PI, Barbury Castle, UK (2008)
Mathematical number of PI 3,1415. A new step in evolution to help us to grow internally and to develop. We are aware of our origins, past, present and future.


98.) All Cannings, UK (2008)
Formation working on the level of our light bodies. It has a cleansing and clearing effect and brings sparkling and brightness into our being and strenghtens our aura protection.

99.) Horton, UK (2008)
Helps people to get out of darkness into the inner light, rises our consciousness. Helps us to re-discover God and to connect with all things sacred. Helps depressive persons without any aim in life to bring them back on the inner and outer way.


100.) Swallows, Alton Barnes, UK (2008)
This formation appeared on the site of an old roman fortification, showing a beautiful drawing of flying birds. For the cleansing of old information and for the opening of our consciousness for higher dimensions and inner freedom.

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