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61.) Celtic Knot, Avebury Trusbe, UK (2002)
Energetic blockages can create stiffness and knots in the physical body. Helps you energetically to become aware of such blockages and dissolve them on the energetic level.


62.) Star, Windmill Hill, UK (2002)
Higher than the energy of the solar plexus. Helps us to create contact with higher cosmic levels and gives us the feeling of inner calmness and peace.


63.) Sun, Avebury, UK (2002)
Connects us with the solar plexus. Strengthens our feelings of ourself, of our life force and confidence. Helps with inner integrity with ourselves.


64.) Spiral, Stonehenge, UK (2002)
Formation between tumulus next to Stonehenge. Helps us to create contact with our past, genetic and cultural origin. Helps us to become aware of old patterns, and to understand and clear them. We learn that we can be free inside, and learn who we are.

65.) Wave in a Circle, Kirchardt, D (2003)
A wave within a circle. A gentle energy that helps us to stay calm and evolve positive thoughts. An essence to promote harmony and integrity.


66.) Wave, Kirchardt, D (2003)
This large wave formation bestows a gentle energy of flexibility upon us. It helps us to break up old numb structures and brings forth relaxation and calm.


67.) 7-lobed Rosette, Unterrieden, D (2003)
This essence creates connections. It is well suited to activation and connection of earth energy points. It also helps to reestablish and strengthens connections between people.


68.) 5-pointed Star, Beckhampton, UK (2003)
This essence expands our consciousness from the heart through the spirit. It bestows the awareness upon us that everything is connected.


69.) Star Pentagram, Green St., Avebury, UK (2003)
This essence connects us with the spiritual dimension. It activates the higher chakras and through that brings us spiritual clarity.

70.) Ying Yang Fan, Waden Hill, UK (2003)
For the cleansing of chakras. Especially effective at cleansing the solar plexus, heart, throat, and third eye chakras. Supports the cleansing of the emotional body.

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