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151.) Rheinau, CH (2013) Photo: Ricardo Perret
Experience the fullness. For people who are searching for their place in life, who have still to deal with existential fears. It purifies deeply rooted subconscious processes. It makes us aware that the entire pursuit of material things may be an expression of uncertainty. It teaches us that the point is about the confidence in experiencing the true wealth, to trust in God and knowing that this life is only a passage, and that the true wealth lies in love and in the connection with God. All our cells are pervaded with this information, old sorrow and memories on the cellular level and in the subconscious mind can be transformed and released through our consciousness.


152.) Robella, Italy (2013) Graphic: Corinne Schmid
The essence of the transformation. Just as the alchemists imagined the transformation of the elements, the essence transforms us inwardly and frees us from stressful emotions. The formation stimulates inner calmness and joy. It makes us refrain from stressful emotions from within, it makes us more relaxed inside and frees us from old burdens and gives us a sense of oneness with everything - that-which-is. The transformation principle man - inside - outside life – universe: both on the large and small scale. We learn that it is up to our thoughts and our consciousness to create our inner and outer reality.


153.) Avebury Trustloe, UK (2013) Photo: Frank Laumen
New impulses are conducted to our cells. New frequencies of light are absorbed by the DNA and we can thereby better adapt to new light and vibration frequencies. Dark and morbid energies are thus reduced and can be diverted and released.


154.) Oliver Castle Devizes, UK (2013) Photo: Frank Laumen
The essence has an effect on old stressful feelings and blockages of the subconscious. It may help to become aware of old burdening information and thereby dissolve and purify it. It gives us inspiration and simultaneously stimulates us to develop positive thoughts, thereby supporting the cleaning and healing process. Through the positive thoughts it brings light into our consciousness, so that the darkness can dissolve and reminds us of the universal love of God and the bond with all that is.


155.) Silbury Hill, UK (2013) Photo: Steve Alexander
The grail of time. The essence reminds us of the transience of time in our dimension. Everything is coming and going, nothing is forever set, everything is transient. But as we know time is an illusion. In the other dimensions it does not exist. It reminds us of the relativity of things and our lives and of the fact that our true self, our soul is connected with God and is immortal.

156.) Hackpen Hill Badbury Castle, UK (2013) Photo: Frank Laumen
The essence of balance. As above, so below. We learn to overcome the duality of life and to return to unity and to understand that it is our thoughts that shape our reality. It brings us energetically into our centre, we return to a state of inner and outer harmony. In this way it can positively support recovery processes and leads us back into harmony with everything- that-which-is.


157.) Ridgeway, Avebury UK (2013)
The energy vortex. Starting from our heart connected with God, the energy expands from underneath to the above The person learns to no longer comprehend himself as a victim of the situation, but as a co-creator of his own reality. Connected to God, and acting from within our hearts, we learn to use our creative power only for good. The thought takes shape. It spreads out and creates resonances thereby transforming reality.
Affirmation: you are what you think. You are the creator of your own reality, connected in the unity of God.


158.) Formation in Marrocchi, IT (2014) Photo: Francesco Grassi
Large cropcircle formation in a counter-clockwise sense. It works energetically on the DNA, they cleaned from disturbing information, so that the original information will dominate again. Has a cleansing effect on our subconscious, till to the deepest levels. Also suitable for cleaning and activating power spots. Allows us that we feel ourself, as part of a larger unity (Feeling of oneness) and helps our body energy to clean.


159.) Cropcircle Etchilhampton, UK (2014) Photo: Steve Alexander
Has a vibrant and balancing energy, creates harmony and brings us into resonance with our internal structure (eg after surgery). Balances the energy field and brings us into resonance with our environment. Has a balancing and harmonizing effect on interpersonal contacts.


160.) Cropcircle Avebury, UK (2014) Photo: Steve Alexander
The essence connects us with our inner potential. We learn to trust from our inner strength and to trust in God. He gives optimism and confidence, even in difficult situations and has an energetically strengthening effect on the heart chakra.

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