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81.) Virus, Lands End Down, UK (2005)
Cropcircle showing a virus or bomb explosion. It has a strong energetic effect on the immune system. Helps us to raise our own body energy and helps in such way our body gets stronger to fight against viral infections.


82.) Penrose Triangles, Avebury, UK (2005)
Formation reminding the Maya calendar. Has an energetic effect on the seventh (crown) chakra like a raising spiral. It is opening our awareness and helps to activate the brain and the central nervous system. For the understanding of highly complex interactions.


83.) New Barn, Aldbourne, UK (2006)
The breath of the universe. The information is activating our metabolism. The first and the second chakra are activated such as our potention or creativity. We feel to be part of the power that is streaming through the galaxies.

84.) Severnake Forest, Marlborough, UK (2006)
Reminds us of the polarity men universe, dark/bright, black/white, male/female. Nothing and nobody is isolated, all stands in a connection with other things, such as on the human level as well as on the level of the universe. For a better understanding of this principle of God's creation.

85.) Eagle, Uffington Castle Ashbury, UK (2006)
Formation on a hill next to an old celtic suttlement. Has an effect on the sixth chakra and on the eyes. Strengthens our sight and our vision energetically. Brings clearness on the spiritual level and helps us to look at situations from a larger distance.

86.) Wayland Smithy, Ashbury, UK (2006)
This formation is activating our left hemisphere of the brain, the logical thinking. It helps us to analyze and to think in a logic way. Connects us with the earth by stimulating our feet. Helps us to bring new scientific understandings into daylife. Connects us with reality.

87.) Fibonacci Spiral, Badbury Castle, UK (2006)
Anticlockwise formation. Helps us for a deep cleansing process. Helps us to understand, that we also function like an energy field and that we are connected with our environment and with other people. Helps us to bring clearing and cleansing where needed. The essence helps us to free us from old energies and patterns, cleaning from inside to outside. Restores such a better energy flow. The effect starts from the cellular level and goes into the carmic body.


88.) Charlbury Hill, Hinton, UK (2006)
Formation in a line to an old tumulus. Helps us to become free of old energies. It helps to cleansing one's energetic body (aura) and also to become aware of old pattern and to release them. It has a strong pulsating effect that helps us cleansing and to understand our own multidimension. The essence is recommended after the use of the cactus essence Cleistocacti straussii (Aura Cleansing Cactus).


89.) Windmill Hill, Avebury Trustloe, UK (2006)
This information helps us to bring harmony between the levels of the body, mind and spirit. It harmonises us and also the connection with other people. Brings more harmony for people living and/or working together.


90.) Spiral, Göttingen, D (2006)
Formation in the same field like no. 91. A spiral with a flash showing to an old prehistoric settlement. In the calm is the power. And such we will have the energy for a new start, for a new inspiration how to go on. Helps to raise our creativity and to connect with our potential.

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