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111.) The Dragonfly, Yatesbury, UK (2009)
This essence helps to be reconnected spiritually and to remain in control. This is for people who get lost in their emotions, fears and anxiety regarding the future. It makes us aware that we are deeply interconnected and that cooperation is the way to resolve the problems of the planet and to ensure the survival of all.


112.) Knoll Down, Beckhampton, UK (2009)
The principle of creation. This essence stimulates our creative potential. To create with joy. It stimulates the second chakra and brings a lot of energy and dynamics.

113.) Down Gallops, Beckhampton West, UK (2009)
This essence helps for the regeneration of the DNA. It helps the DNA to return to its original and pure frequency.

114.) Silbury Hill Avebury, UK (2009)
This essence is like a fan that brings fresh wind to dissolve old patterns and to make you free for new experiences and new energies. It helps to go forward in ones development and to take the next step in evolution.


115.) Avebury Waden Hill, UK (2009)
This formation reminds us of the sacredness of sexuality and of the giving of life. It works at the level of the consciousness of the cell to remind us of the creation of life and of the DNA's holiness. It stimulates the second chakra, the sexual organs and it helps the processes of conception and pregnancy.

116.) East Kennet, UK (2009)
Like up, like down. This essence brings balance and helps to recognize that there is no light without darkness, no Yin without Yang. It balances body fluids and works on the acid base equilibrium. It brings harmony and balance and makes one feel carried in the unity of God. It also helps to heal old wounds.


117.) Eagle, Milk Hill, UK (2009)
This formation looks like a drawing of Nasca, Peru. It reminds us of our common heritage. It frees us from inner limitations and opens us to the understanding that all life is Gods creation and that old civilisations already shared this knowledge as a mystery.


118.) Antenna, Milk Hill, UK (2009)
This formation has the shape of an antenna with information. The essence purifies the information that we have in excess or do not need anymore. It helps to bring old memories to consciousness and to cleanse unconscious levels since the origin.


119.) Swallow, Alton Priors, UK (2009)
This essence frees and stimulates and helps to solve blockages in the memories of families and peoples. It helps to bring these blockages to consciousness to understand them and to release old memories. We become more and more free inside.


120.) Canning Cross Allington, UK (2009)
This formation helps us to express our personality and inner beauty. It brings joy in life and connects our personality with spirituality so that we may be conscious in this world and connected.

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