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211.) Farley Mount, UK (2019)

The essence of resonance and vibration increase. Everything is in resonance, from the smallest elementary particles and atoms to the planets and galaxies. By controlling our thinking and actions with intelligence, we also learn to make our "being" more conscious.




212.) Flower of Life, St. Jean de Brüssel FR (2019)

Dr. med. Spitzer: Fundamentals and latest developments about Crop Circles and their implementation in many areas. The crop circle is the flower of life and has an earthy and harmonizing effect. It has a balancing effect and gives us a feeling of love. the effect first appears on the heart chakra and then spreads to the other energy centers. This crop circle essence was developed by Dr. med. Peter Spitzer.




213.) Pas-de-Calais: The "crop circle" of Vimy, FR 2020

Photo: Olivier Délire
Crop circle was created on an old battlefield of World War 1 (1917 Battle of Vimy). The essence connects us with unconditional love. It affects all chakras and glands. It helps us to forgive and to transform old pain information and fear. It strengthens our inner light, trust and love.





214.) Virus Shape, Potterne Field, nr. Devizes, UK 2020

Photo: Steve Alexander
The crop circle appeared in Potterne England on May 28, 2020
Crop circles are geometric patterns that most often appear in grain fields. They are based on sacred geometry (flower of life) and their origin is unclear despite years of research. It is healing information from another dimension. Since 1996, PHI Essences has been storing the information gained from crop circles in the form of essences.

Crop circle essences restore order in our organism and internal systems. They can compensate for the energetic areas of weakness in our body as well as have a positive effect on the chakras. The crop circle essence No. 214 connects us with the original information. Old dysfunctional patterns are lovingly replaced and access to the natural information from the original source is regained. Our self-healing powers are activated and strengthened. Acts on all chakras and endocrine glands, the best point of application is at the point of the heart chakra.




215.) Angel, Rocky Hill, UK 2020

Photo: Hugh Newman
A message of love to humanity. The world is obsolete and needs to be rebuilt, and that only works with the heart. It reminds us that all healing energy always flows through the heart chakra. It activates our heart and strengthens our inner light and love.




216.) 3D Stanton St Bernard Wilts, UK 2020

Photo: Steve Alexander
Formation with a 3D effect. Our creativity and willpower is strengthened. Out of our consciousness, the essence helps us to form a new reality. The old can be detached and so become free for the creation of our new reality.





217.) Flower, Ogbourne St George Wilts, UK 2020

Photo: Steve Alexander
The essence reminds us of the beauty. On the one hand, it helps people who may not find themselves so "beautiful" to increase their self-esteem and, on the other hand, to recognize and develop the beauty and love in interpersonal relationships. We also learn to recognize, appreciate and protect the beauty of God's creation in nature.




218.) Chalices Barbury Castle, UK 2020

Photo: Steve Alexander
Formation with chalices as a symbol of the Holy Grail. The essence balances us internally energetically and connects us with God, with the divine in us and helps us to recognize the sacred.





219. Longwood Warren, UK 2020

Photo: Steve Alexander
The crop circle reminds us of our strength in the heart. We are connected to God and we circle our reality through our thoughts. It strengthens our hearts, gives us the strength to forgive and helps us to be more amiable.





220.) Easton Royal Wilts, UK 2020

Photo: Steve Alexander
The essence helps us to set clear goals, pool our energy and move forward. Helps us realize projects, push things forward and complete projects.

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