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51.) 16-pointed Star, Old Shaw Village, UK (2001)
This formation helps us to balance the inside and outside aspect, to concentrate on the essential and not on external aspects. It helps to focus and strengthen our energies for the future.


52.) Pyramid, East Field, UK (2001)
This formations reminds us that all the pyramids have been build for cosmic communication. The essence helps us to stabilize us, to connect us with the earth and to connect us with the cosmos at the same time.


53.) Infinity Fraction, Stanton St. Bernard, UK (2001)
This formation has two effects: on the one hand to raise our consciousness for the aspect of infinity in the cosmos and on the other hand to show us the illusion of duality, that all is one from the same source.


54.) Rapeseed Formation, Desenberg, D (2002)
Helps to dissolve old energies and frees us of feeling shame and guilt. Also dissolves old patterns and blockages to allow our inner light to come through so that our thoughts and our choices will determine our highest good.


55.) Crop Circle, Igelsburg/Hohen Stein, D (2002)
Balances our right and left brain hemispheres. Gives inner stability and expands our energetic field horizontally.


56.) Rising Sun, Heimarshausen, D (2002)
Soft heart opening energy. Stimulates our heart qualities like the rays from the sun and allows our heart to open to the energy of self healing from the heart chakra. (Very strong healing energy)


57.) Crop Circle, Elbenberg, D (2002)
Creates clear vision so that you can recognize your way in life and move forward with clear direction. Creates a feeling of inner orientation and knowingness.


58.) Tree of Life, East Field, UK (2002)
The tree is the symbol of life. This essence gives us inner stability and strength so that we can grow internally to reach our inner potential and life force.


59.) Crop Circle, Alton Priors, UK (2002)
Gives us an inner light and stimulates us energetically. Reconnects us with our cosmic origin and the original healthy life DNA (The original old life energy that has not been disturbed by contracted diseases, or mental or emotional issues). Returns to your original God given healing potential.


60.) Mickey Mouse, Alton Barnes, UK (2002)
The only human-made cropcircle. An anti-clockwise formation for the energetic purification of disturbing and "negative" energies and information that disturb our life energy flow cleansing down to the cellular level. Helps manipulated people (e.g. mobbing).

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