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21.) Lotus Flower 2, Lockeridge, UK (1998)
Aligns the three levels of the light body (three types of light energies). Evokes higher dimensional energies. Not to be used before taking No. 19/Lotus 1.

Kornkreis Nr. 21


22.) Spiral Crescents, Hackpen Hill, UK (1999)
Expands our consciousness to infinity or cosmic unity. Enables us to understand that "all is depend on all" & past and future, male and female, good and evil, Earth and Universe. A pattern of solar/lunar eclipse influence.

Kornkreis Nr. 22


23.) Temple Mandala, Windmill Hill, UK (1999)
288 fractal circles, this Tibetan mandala helps open the four doors to heaven. Grants safe passage between this life and the next one. Heightens our vibration to ascend into higher realms. A powerful regeneration symbol and energy.

Kornkreis Nr. 23


24.) Crescents and Pyramids, Cherhill, UK (1999)
A cosmic doorway in time. Aligns and harmonizes the energies of all seven Chakras, then projects one forward and upwards in time. A time machine to both past and future. Can work with No. 23 to assist the ascension process for people or places that are dying.

Kornkreis Nr. 24


25.) Six-pointed Star, Devil's Den, UK (1999)
A cosmic doorway in space. A transformational portal to shift darkness into light, death into life, separation into unity. From its center one's consciousness can move from earth out each branch to one of the six star systems: Orion Belt, Pleiades, Arcturus, Vega, Sirius and the Galactic Center.

Kornkreis Nr. 25


26.) Space Ship, Liddington Castle, UK (1999)
An interdimensional gateway sent from Arcturus, future home for human souls according to Edgar Cayce. Helps to clear away fear of change, opens the soul to new horizons. Cleans up past life residues and projects one outwards like a space ship into cosmic.

Kornkreis Nr. 26


27.) 3 Leaping Dolphins, Barbury Castle, UK (1999)
"Know yourself" Enhances co-operation, harmony, inner and outer peace. Raises vibrations from worry to cosmic play. Aligns the 6th and 7th Chakras and connect us to Dolphin energies to promote universal peace and love.

Kornkreis Nr. 27


28.) 4 Corners, Silbury Hill, UK (1999)
Unites space-time. Bonds our body's seven Chakras with our seven energy levels, aligning all into one whole being. A resumé of what earlier circles have done. Essence No. 28 was made next to the four small "crown circles".

Kornkreis Nr. 28


29.) The Celtic Knot, Beckhampton, UK (1999)
A doorway to Spirit. Helps unite the knots that bind the crown Chakra. A cosmic spiral from the Solar Plexus to Crown and beyond. Helps us to restore unity and sacredness to places despoiled by hate or war.

Kornkreis Nr. 29


30.) 8 Pointed Star, Bishops Cannings, UK (2000)
This energy corresponds to the planet Jupiter. It is expanding and opening. Opens our heart chakra and our mind to the four directions and connects us at the same time with Mother Earth.

Kornkreis Nr. 30

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