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41.) 6-pointed Star, Züschen, D (2001)
The essence purifies our throat chakra. On the one hand it connects us with our deepest inner structures and on the other hand it expands our experience on the cosmic level. Helps us to be more aware of the energy and power of words.

Kornkreis Nr. 41



42.) 9 Petal Flower, Heiligenberg, D (2001)
The essence acts from the heart chakra to the third eye. It stimulates our sensibility for the energetic level and helps for the communication on the higher energetic levels. Helps women, children or men, which got abused sexually.

Kornkreis Nr. 42



43.) Ying Yang 2, Windmill Hill, UK (2001)
This essence helps us to understand the multidimensionality of the beings and to recognize that on any level there may be light and shadow. It's helping to integrate our shadow on the different levels, to acknowlege, to love and to heal.

Kornkreis Nr. 43



44.) Ying Yang 3, Yatesbury Field, UK (2001)
This circle is in correspondence with No. 43. We recognize the multidimensional aspects of the being up to the 4th dimension. It helps us to recognize the complexity of the cosmos.

Kornkreis Nr. 44



45.) 9-pointed Star, Milk Hill, UK (2001)
This formation helps us to look deeply inside our sub-conscious level. When we get to a point in our life, when you don't want to expand outside, but you want to start to go deeper and deeper inside yourself.

Kornkreis Nr. 45



46.) Shield, East Kennet, UK (2001)
This essence gives us harmony. It helps to release tensions between the different levels of our being and to connect them together. It helps us to integrate new experiences.

Kornkreis Nr. 46



47.) Orobouros, Badbury, UK (2001)
The serpent is eating its own tail. A symbol of the circle of incarnations. This essence gives us the understanding of the relativity of life, that one life period is not all. The animal symbols remind us that we are all connected, that nothing is isolated and they want to remind us of our responsibility that we have for the whole creation.

Kornkreisessenz Nr. 47



48.) Pyramid with Spirals, Silbury Hill, UK (2001)
The essence helps us to stabilize ourselves inside and to center. At the same time it helps us to connect with the cosmic energies.

Kornkreis Essenz Nr. 48



49.) Flower, Beckhampton, UK (2001)
This essence stimulates all of our head, with the 6th and 7th Chakra. It connects our consciouness with the consciousness of the cosmos, opens our energy for the experience of spirituality.

Kornkreis Nr. 49



50.) 10-pointed Star, Chilcomb Down, UK (2001)
This essence helps us to become aware of pattern of our past, that we don't need anymore, to recognize and to release them. This essence has a strong purifying effect.

Kornkreis Nr. 50

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