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191.) Battlesbury Hill Warminster, UK (2017)
The crop circle balances the 4 elements energetically. He is for peace and meditation. He is like polarities and shows us to realize that everything is connected with the Creator.


192.) Goerlingen, FR (2018) Photo: Nick Bull
Release pain information therapy. Formation in the counterclockwise direction. Has a strong cleansing effect. It goes into the subconscious mind and erases old strains and pain information. It cleanses old memories and makes us so internally free and strengthening. It helps us to redeem old things and to develop our own potential, free from incriminating information. Suitable for the healing and energetic cleansing of ancient battlefields (previously connecting with God for permission and protection). It frees us inwardly and releases the coming generations from this information.

193.) Hackpen Hill, Pentagram, UK (2018)
Pentagram clockwise (tip up). As above so below, everything has to find its balance. The formation gives us stability and inner orientation and order. For people who want to find their place in life. Helps us get into balance, weigh up and make decisions.


194.) Winterbourne Basset, Frequences, UK (2018)
The essence acts on all chakras and activates them. It increases the feeling of life and the life force. The energy body is stimulated. The Thorus energy of our energy body will be activated and strengthened. The energy is flowing. Acts like an elixir of life.


195.) Martinsell Hill, Pentagramms, UK (2018) Photo: Nick Bull
The essence of cell awareness / DNA. Out of the smallest structures form the building blocks, the cells, the organs, the tissue. It is about the healthy, original information of the DNA, the regenerating power and the stimulation of the self-healing information of the organism whose original information has been disturbed by external influences.

196.) Kingweston, 12 Formation, UK (2018)
The formation affects on all chakras and energy centers. It works on the DNA and helps us to cleanse ourselves from inner negativity, from negative feelings, fears and limitations. It helps us to develop our inner potential, frees us from negative thinking patterns, increases our self-esteem and helps us to strengthen ourselves inwardly and trust in God's guidance.


197.) Yarnbury Castle, 4 Petal Flower
Formation next to a historic castle. The essence has a strong cleansing effect. It helps us to let go of old negative things, to relieve stressful feelings, to accept things as they are and to make us free for new things.


198.) Baggwil, 12 Spiral, CH (2018)
(27.7.2018 full, blood and lunar eclipses). The crop circle has a strong cleansing power. He acts on all levels of the subconscious. Helps to mentally cleanse and release old painful experiences. The painful memory of the past can thus be replaced and we open ourselves internally for new experiences. As a result, energy blockages can be solved more easily and the life energy flows freely again and unhindered. Stimulates the energetic (Thorus) energy body.



199.) Moisselles Paris. Notre Dame de France, FR (2019)

Photo: Aéroclub Les Ailerons d'Enghien Moisselles
This crop circle appeared after the fire of Notre Dame de Paris next to the church Notre Dame de France next to a cross of trees. Nearby there are also bunkers from the First World War. Helps release pain information and pain awareness from awareness. Helps to forgive and understand that everything is always changing. Helps people to come to a new consciousness that is equal to all human beings and that nobody has to be disadvantaged. Being aware that we are all creatures of God and connected with the love in our hearts and in the unity with God, something new can emerge, we can create something new and great. The key lies in the awareness of unity and trust in God. Also helps clean old battlefields.



200.) Crop Circle - Saint-Hippolyte, FR (2019)

Crop circle appeared in Alsace below royal castle. In unity lies the power. Helps people overcome contrasts, forgive painful experiences. To open oneself internally for a new beginning. To draw from the power of the past and the cultural roots and to integrate into life as an enrichment and to unfold our inner potential.

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