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71.) 6 Circles, Beckhampton, UK (2003)
An essence for expansion. The energy spreads out in the horizontal plane. Because of that, we are better able to receive impulses from outside of us.


72.) Pictogram, Büttenhardt, CH (2004)
Pictogram near the Swiss/German border. The essence has a strong purifying effect on the solar plexus and the digestive organs on both the physical as well as the energetic level.

73.) Circles, Talheim, CH (2004)
The essence helps us to develop a profound confidence and reminds us that we are always connected with the divine source in God and that all life is connected.


74.) Dolphins, Draycott Hill, UK (2004)
A beautiful formation showing two dolphins and four whales. The essence helps us to develop and understand the dolphin consciousness. It helps us to do things with joy and to realize projects to bring them into existence.


75.) Tears, Alton Priors, UK (2004)
Helps us to develop an understanding for others and to overcome feelings of melancholy or lonelyness. Helps us to gain a better understanding of other person's feelings.


76.) 6 petals Flower, Barge Honeystreet, UK (2004)
Helps us to connect the heart and throat chakra. Helps us for a better and more clear expression of our feelings and to bring more love into our words.


77.) Bee, White Horse, UK (2004)
Formation based on the sacred geometry, based on the flower, the tree and the fruit of life. This formation reminds us that all life is connected and that all depends on the other. Without the wonderful work of the bees there will not only be no honey, there will be no fruits and vegetables and more. This formation reminds us on our responsibility to respect and protect the bees and to preserve the creation of God. It reminds us that the bees are dying and that we have to act immediately.

78.) Hexagram, Windmill Hill, UK (2005)
A cosmic doorway for the understanding of the principle of the universe that small parts are always forming parts of larger structures. For the activation of the self healing forces on the cellular level. For stability and structuring process during healing processes such as the healing of broken bones.


79.) DNA-Profile, Avebury, UK (2005)
A cropcircle showing a DNA cut. Eventually a hint for the cutting and taking out of parts of the DNA that carry desease information. The information of this formation is like a brain activation helping us for a better understanding of profound spritual complexity.


80.) Scarabe, Silbury Hill, UK (2005)
Cropcircle showing the form of a scarab. During millions of years of evolution these insects have learned strategies allowing them to adapt to all kind of situations and living conditions. Some of the insects are even resistent for certain diseases and even radioactivity. This essence is helping us to strengthen our own protection and resistance.

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