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161.) Pointed Spiral, Forest Marlborough, UK (2014) Photo: Steve Alexander
The essence dissolves old structures. It relaxes energetically cell structures, encrustations, deposits, helps to dissolve them. It purifies all levels of the subconscious mind. It acts pulsating, cleansing, on old patterns and problems. It releases energetic knots and sets and helps us to breathe and to release.

162.) Moonface Hackpen Hill, UK (2014) Photo: Steve Alexander
Cropcircle with a childlike moon face and a spiral. The integration and transformation of our emotions. It enables the awareness of the inner child. It helps us reduce stressful, disturbing emotions, to integrate and then to transform them.

163.) Formation Roundway Devizes, UK (2014) Photo: Steve Alexander
The formation shows a star with different endings. This essence has different actions. It connects the different aspects of "being" with each other. We find back to our inner Integrity. Helps people who have lost their way on the spiritual plane, back in its center.


164.) Raisting, D (2014) Photo: Landstettener-Ballonfahrten
Crop circle next to satellite systems. A crop circle of hearts and Christ energy. The people are led out of the material things and the egos and they connect with the heart. The essence is heart opening and connects us with the unconditional love of Christ energy. We connect with the spiritual level we experience the communication with the cosmos and the angelic beings, we experience the unity of God in -all-the-what-is.


165.) Paddle wheel Berlin, D (2015)
This crop circle shows the shape of a paddle wheel. (Counterclockwise center in a clockwise direction). The formation has an energetically strong cleaning effect on the energetic body and the subconscious. It gives you the strength to clean the past, solves the pain from the subconscious (personal, familial) and the level of archetypes. Old patterns and memories can be released and so do the way for a new inspiration and creativity. (War memories, Holocaust, guilt)


166.) Six petal flower, Berlin, D (2015)
Beautiful Central circle with different coatings and an aureole. The crop circle illuminates the darkness.Wenn pain heavy burden on the mind, this essence is liberating and gives us new vitality. We develop a sense of aesthetics. It acts energetically strengthening our fertility and creative power.


167.) 12-Star-Formation, Berlin, D (2015)
For inwardly apathetic people, who are guided strongly by outgoing appearances, living in consumption, which may or may not want to feel themselves. The essence also helps develop inland, to locate a spiritual dimension in order to be also able to make sense of life, to reconnect with God and release the old pain.


168.) 8 Planets model, Berlin, D (2015)
Formation in the form of an 8-atom - or planet model. It reminds us that everything is connected with each other and is in contact, that things have a balance and need that the one evolved from the other. It helps people to be able to easily find their proper place her, peoples to exist in the Community. We learn all beings, the animals, the human nature to have its rightful place and to exist together in harmony.

169.) ROSE, Uffington, UK (2015)
The formation shows the image of a rose. It reminds us that is the rose for love of Christ and symbolizes the heart and love. This unconditional love flows in our bodies and gives us love and energy self-healing. The formation connects us to the spiritual level, God's love unconditional, and also helps us energy from our subconscious to clean.


170.) Fairford circles, UK (2015)
Circle formation with two circles. The formation reminds us of the duality. Where there is light, there is shadow, the one does not exist without the other. It comes also, and to rely on in difficult times in our lives to God, to learn, to reflect on the positive and to rely on the internal guidance of God.

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