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171.) Stonehenge "Cross and Moon", UK (2015)
The formation shows a cross, symbol of Christianity, together with a crescent moon, the symbol of Islam. It reminds us of the love of Christ. Love unites us. He says. "Love your enemies". So it comes to overcome the separation, to rediscover a common root to unite in love and overcome conflicts. God is love. God is All.

172.) Antenna Odstock, UK (2015)
This large formation in the form of a double parabolic antenna, connects us on the one hand with the spiritual, cosmic level and on the other hand they purifies the different levels of our subconscious of old information and energy impurities that we have accumulated in the course of our evolution and our lives. It involves the energetic restoration of the original information DNA purified from all negative information.

173.) Stars and Moons / The Whispering Knights, UK (2015)
The pentagram as a sign of peace, embedded in two crescents. The aim is to resolve old conflicts, whose causes lie buried deep in our subconscious to recognize this blockages and transform over our hearts, to bring peace and love and to return to unity.

174.) Indian Eagle, UK (2015)
Formation in the form of an Indian eagle. It reminds us of the old way, the humility and the simplicity. She gives and vision and will help us to see with the heart. It acts energetically strengthening effect on our vitality and eyes. It helps us to be able to find a clear vision for our life.

175.) Antenna Newton, UK (2015)
Formation as a mirror-like double antenna. When people have too little self-esteem and need to be confirmed over and over again, it helps us to get back to our true self. At the spiritual level, it helps our shadow to subconscious recognize and understand us that everything always needs a balance and strengthens our energy body, so the energy can flow freely in the Thorus.

176.) Star, Fürstenfeldbruck, D (2015)
The essence of beauty and goodness. For people who are more externally oriented, it helps also to develop internally and to recognize true beauty and aesthetic inside. We learn to see through our heart and to recognize the true meaning of life and to develop more compassion and kindness.


177.) Gerlinger Str. Berlin, Flower, D (2016)
Healing of propaganda. A quiet gentle energy of cleaning. They reassured us emotionally, energetically cleanse us from negative thoughts and emotions and acting energetically cleansing effect on the throat chakra. We learn our words carefully to choose and express ourselves. Cleaning of emotional hurt and we learn to forgive.

178.) Gerlinger Str. Berlin Spirale, D (2016)
Healing the separation. The love creates unity. Crop circle on the former. German / German border. It helps in situations of conflict, resolve the mutual solidified positions, provides flexibility and helps to develop dynamic and to go to each other and to feel a unity and solidarity.



179.) Butterfly Berlin, D (2016)
Symbol of transformation in the former German / German border. The lightness of being. Old burdens and pain can be transformed lovingly, are lighter and dissolve.


180.) Berlin, Formation, D (2016)
In the same field as the butterfly. The lightness of being that opening up to the spiritual level. A pulsating cleaning. The grandeur and nobility of soul is encouraged. The soul radiates in the light of unity.

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