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101.) Star, East Field, UK (2008)
Has a strong earth connecting effect on the feet, connects with reality. Helps us to understand, how important a good earth connection on the first chakra is. Helps to integrate higher energy levels.


102.) Westwood, Lockeridge, UK (2008)
Expands our consciousness. Helps to go over one's own limitations. We learn to see things more easily and lighter. Helps to dissolve old patterns and tensions. The easy way of life.


103.) Waylands Smithy, UK (2008)
Huge formation composed out of 168 smaller and 112 larger circles. Brings the information of love to the earth. For the earth healing. Helps to bring people together, in a respectful and co-operative way respecting one's individuality.


104.) Avebury, UK (2008)
Humility for Gods creation. This formation showing a planet system connects our consciousness with the universe. It reminds us that also the stone circle of Avebury may have been a place for the communication with the universe. We learn to be a part of the whole. Shows the constellation of the planets in the future (12.21.2012).


105.) Silbury Hill, UK (2008)
This formation may help to connect different polarities together. May help to create connections between different groups of people or individuals that otherwise would be each others enemies. Helps to get into communication.


106.) Lockeridge, UK (2008)
Formation to help to co-operate and to bring more dynamics to a group of people or a group of populations. Brings dynamic and efficiency. Helps individuals to find their own role in that co-operation.

107.) Saturn Ring, West Kennet, UK (2008)
Connects with the energies from Saturn. Creates order and brings things into a physical form. When there is a lot of disorder and chaos, this energy may help to find calm and order again. A heavy energy that brings all to one place again. Also positive for joints and the knees.

108.) Goddess, Alton Barnes, UK (2008)
Stengthens the Yin-enery. Helps to heal the sacred in female sexuality and to balance. Allows us to rediscover that the gift of being able to pass on live and to give birth to a child is a present of God.


109.) DNA-Lightfrequence, Hörhausen D (2009)
This circle has the shape of an uprising spiral. This essence helps to increase the vibrations of the body and to adapt to higher frequencies of light. The DNA integrates these vibrations and then evolves accordingly, adapting the light frequencies.

110.) Indian Eagle, Yatesbury, UK (2009)
This essence helps us to remember traditions and ancient values. It connects us with reality and grounds us while retaining the spiritual connection. This essence helps people who get lost within drugs.

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