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201.) Blaesheim Strasbourg, FR (2019)

Not far from Strasbourg, the Council of Europe and the European Court of Justice, the formation recalls the House of Parliament. Essence of compensation. Like below, so above. A hint to the people, to act prudently and responsibly. To overcome opposites. Every decision, every action leads to a reaction. To be in balance with all forces and to act with intelligence for the benefit of all.




202.) Danebury Hill, UK (2019)

The essence on the one hand has an energetic protective and earthy effect. On the other hand, it helps us on the emotional level to be able to love ourselves better, to let our inner beauty send out from the heart to the outside.



203.) Büren an der Aare, CH (2019)

Crop circle in German-speaking Switzerland, near the Romandie. The Crop Circle helps us to increase our self-esteem and to internally stabilize ourselves, to stay calm and concentrate on our own energy. Energetically, we can protect ourselves better and remain internally centered.




204.) Wólka Orchowska, PL (2019)

Crop circle in the form of a yin yang. The formation affects our heart and has an energetic strengthening effect. It stands for balancing the forces. Painful old memories can be released more easily. This Essence helps us to forgive and brings us into the inner Lot. People learn to understand each other better, to communicate, to approach each other and to work together in harmony.



205.) Houdain, Pas-de-Calais, FR (2019)

The crop circle originated in a former coal mining area near two hills. The essence acts on the heart chakra, has a calming effect and gives us modesty, humility and hope. It helps us to recognize that one can progress even in small steps and teaches us gratitude also for the small gifts of life.



206.) Auchy-les-Mines, FR (2019)

Here at this crop circle are old battlefields from World War II. The essence releases us internally, it has a cleansing effect on all energy centers. Old things can be unleashed better. In this way, we become free inwardly and can better unfold our inner potential and progress.



207.) Nielles lès Ardres, FR (2019)

The essence increases our self-esteem, we learn to become autonomous and independent, to trust in God and to take our life into our own hands by better understanding how our thoughts manifest in time and space and shape our reality.



208.) Ant, Chandon-London, UK (2019)

The essence gives strength and perseverance, it makes us energetically stronger and increases our will and our determination. We also learn to take responsibility for the smallest fellow creatures on our planet and also to see and protect the insects as part of God's creation.



209.) Star, Bratton UK (2019)

Acts on all energy centers. Boosts our self-esteem. It has energetic strengthening on all levels. Helps us to advance projects, to overcome resistance better and to create the breakthrough.



210.) Tichborne, UK (2019)

The essence works energetically on the structures. On a physical level, it has an energetic strengthening effect on bones and joints. It helps people who want to restructure themselves internally, helps to better classify thoughts and emotions and to find a new inner structure. This essence also creates clarity in systems and groups and helps us to consolidate ourselves inwardly.

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