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141.) Büsingen, D (2012)
This essence helps to connect to the sacral and with God.


142.) Windmill Hill, UK (2012)
This essence helps to balance Inside/Outside - Up/Down. Balances between: World, angels and human people. It helps to feel safe and harmonised.

143.) Waden Hill, Avebury, UK (2012)
This formation is a triangle and it is conform with the “Flower of Life – Holy Geometry”. The essence reminds us to protect the beautiful things of God.


144.) Westwood Lockeridge, UK (2012)
This Essence opens our mind and helps us to overcome fearness.

145.) Oliver Castle, Devizes, UK (2012)
Connect with the happiness inside us. Activates the “child” in us.


146.) Stanton St. Bernhard, UK (2012)
This essence connect us with our subconscious and with the heart. Helps to clear conflicts and helps to find inner peace.


147.) Milk Hill, Alton Barnes, UK (2012)
The inner silence. Enjoy the silence. The formation has a calming effect. It helps us to remain calm and helps us to come into our middle balancing. Find inner peace and harmony.


148.) Bishops Cannings Down, UK (2012)
Gives the feeling of security. Connects from the feet, to the the reality.


149.) Wanborough Plain, Liddington, UK (2012)
Time and space. The essence can open the subconscious to the 4th. Dimension.


150.) Etchilhampton Hill, Devizes, UK (2012)
This formation can connect different dimensions. Creation potential. Heal the world, make it a better place.

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