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Crop Circle Essences


1.) Double Helix, East Field, UK (1996)
89 Crop Circles: heals energetically throat and heart chakras. Pulse in and out to reorganize one's DNA to adapt to new energies.

Cropcircle No. 1



2+3+4.) Julia Set Spiral - Male, Female and both. Stonehenge, UK (1996)
These three essences were done in the same circle of the formation: the only circle with two centers. This ascending spiral represents human DNA & reorganizes it into new energy forms. A Pleiadian communication. Balances Yin & Yang. As soon as Male and Female energies are balanced, the Universe is more in balance and more complete. This is like a key to achieve universal balance. It reminds us of the sacred in sexuality.

Cropcircle No. 2


5.) Crescents, East Kennet, UK (1996)
Sun meets Moon: Unify knowledge, will and feelings into Oneness. Balances the brain's right and left hemispheres and helps to dissolve old patterns and habits.

Cropcircle No. 5


6.) 1-KM-Long-Path, Etchilhampton, UK (1996)
Connects different levels of one's energy centers. This honours the Old Ways: Indigenous peoples & old traditions.

Cropcircle No. 6


7.) Triple Spiral, Windmill Hill, UK (1996)
Essence made in the 2nd circle out from the center. This circle is laid counter-clockwise. It's like opening a doorway from one dimension to another. Remember different types of creation, galaxies. Anti-Light versus Light/Christ energy.

Cropcircle No. 7


8.) Vesica Pisces, Ashbury, UK (1996)
Brings one from duality to Oneness. The "soft" energy unifies and removes feelings of separateness. Use to realize what unites us all: to rekindle cosmic love. Experience the Cosmic Ocean and bliss.

Cropcircle No. 8


9.) Sun & Moon, Liddington Castle, UK (1996)
"As above, so below"... Very sacred ground. Integrates linear time: an awareness of Earth's future with today's reality. Helps the Earth to integrate the vibration of Love.

Cropcircle No. 9


10.) Fractal Caterpillar, Liddington Castle, UK (1996)
33 circles and one teardrop shape. Like coming home, back inside mother's womb: completely protected. A possible step for Earth's evolution: the return to Oneness. The teardrop is the link to the Sun/Moon circle (No. 9) that appeared on the same day.

Cropcircle No. 10

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