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31.) Peano Curve Square, West Kennet, UK (2000)
This big square is composed out of 800(!) circles. The cropcircle connects us to the Plejadian energy and helps us to rise our energy, to connect with our Higher Self.

Kornkreis Nr. 31



32.) Heart, West Kennet, UK (2000)
Venus energy. This essence wants to remind us of the Joy of our Heart, of the Heart qualities. We learn that all evolution and all healing comes through our Heart.

Kornkreis Nr. 32



33.) 8-pointed Star, Silbury Hill, UK (2000)

This essence expands one's consciousness and helps one to communicate on higher energetic levels. It reminds us of our common heritage with our cosmic brothers and sisters. It reminds us that all comes from the same source and that all is interconnected.

Kornkreis Nr. 33



34.) Eye of God, Silbury Hill, UK (2000)
This formation appeard in the same field like No. 33. This essence helps us to connect body, mind and spirit together. It connects our third eye with the Higher Chakras and opens us to higher energy communication and inspiration. It helps us to understand the principles of the universes.

Kornkreis Nr. 34



35.) 3 Petal Flowers, Avebury Downs, UK (2000)
This formation connects our inner child to our aspect of Yin & Yang. It activates the left and right hemispheres of the brain and the lymbic system. It opens our consciousness to the third dimension.

Kornkreis Nr. 35



36.) Rose Window, South Field, UK (2000)
This essence gives us a true understanding of healing on many different levels. We learn about inner and outer healing in harmony together. It helps us to clean our energy both inside and outside. Stengthens us energetically (Immune system).

Kornkreis Nr. 36



37.) Vasarelly Pyramid, Windmill Hill, UK (2000)
The essence of transformation. We learn about the principle of the creation and destruction of the universe. It helps us permanently to adapt to the new structures, to adapt us down to the smallest inner structures.

Kornkreis Nr. 37



38.) Ying-Yang, Niederelsungen, D (2001)
The essence helps us to recognize the oneness, the all-of-what-is, that there exists nothing that is not from God, that the one doesn't exist without the other part. It helps us to find inner balance and to give us a perspective to see the whole.

Kornkreis Nr. 38



39.) Flower of Life, Zierenberg, D (2001)
The essence helps us to create contact with our roots and heritage. It helps to liberate emotions and feelings of culpability on our solar plexus. It helps us to transform old patterns and to help us for a new beginning.

Kornkreis Nr. 39



40.) 6 Petal Flower, Donarbrunnen, D (2001)
All life is a result of Joy and Love. The essence acts on the second Chakra and helps us to stimulate our creativity and life energy to express our love.

Kornkreis Nr. 40

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