221.) Fischen Ammersee, D 2020

Photo: PHI Essences

In times of confusion, this essence helps us to keep the focus, to trust completely in God, to recognize the difficulties and to keep an overview from our midst and to find clear thoughts and solutions. From calm we draw the strength to go our way with clarity.





222.) Buchendorf in Gauting, D 2021

The essence centers and protects us. We are strengthened internally. Like the inside of an eye in a tornado, we feel protected and calm no matter what's happening around us. It strengthens us in our heart and all energy centers. In turbulent times we remain stable inside and trust in God's protection.





223.) Nun's Walk, Nr Tufton, UK 2021

Photo: Steve Alexander

The earth has absorbed their message. Inversion.
Evil can try to destroy but the message of light will shine through. The veil is lifting and years of inversions are now becoming right side up. We now have to reclaim what is rightfully ours to be Star Human Beings / Beings of Light. Now is the time to fly like the eagle. If told one thing, believe the opposite. Humanity is now taking its rightful place centre stage. We need to take flight. Think it is funny how many of them are lanes and are leading us to new ways of being. The are all connected to each other as well.





224.) Longwood Warren: Nr Winchester, Hampshire, UK 2021

Photo: Steve Alexander

Strong energy of Egypt and flower of life.

A precursor to opening to the Lion-gate Star-gate portal, a preparation essence. The message that we are star-beings and here to seed the earth, and work with the symbols to awaken man/woman kind and remind us of our star-being nature and origins. Soft, feminine ten petal flower connecting with nature. Free flowing energy and counterbalance to machines, AI and trying to control and manipulate nature. Opening, of the true heart energy. Trusting natural patterns and ways of raising vibrational frequencies by opening the heart. A map to the ten doorways in the inner heart mind and the ten different aspects of love. The flower of the heart.




225.) Woodcote Lane, UK 2021

Photo: Steve Alexander
A Crop circle pattern that symbolises Peru and star beings. The key to unlock the doorway of no’s 224. We both became our terrestrial selves. The key that opens up to terrestrial Acashic records and our own interconnection with the Multiverse. Opens the lock to the flower of Life on this planet and our otherness. Key to the past, present and future dimensions. A gateway Key to the flower of the heart crop formation above. Star traveller, star gazer. To help create the new world. We can travel to the next dimension when the key fits the lock. To lock onto a new world without all the past old patterns. To let the true light of our inner chakras where the soul/spirit resides to shine out. Great sense of peace and lightness there as the physical body is left behind.





226.) Kitts Lane, UK 2021

Photo: Steve Alexander
The multiplex of reversed Universes. A symposium of inter- linked and inter-connectedness, one does not exist without the other which is the key to the universes. We can walk through the Lions gate together as humans and terrestrials on earth as a race of beings. Activates and resonated with all the many Pyramids on earth, to walk together with the great brotherhood, we are all one.




227.) Spiers Lane, UK 2021

Photo: Steve Alexander
Second Twin of the dynamic Duo. We walk not only as humans but enables the terrestrials to walk too, acknowledging our terrestrial-ness enable us to join and pass through as one whole being, our original state of being. The waiting has been for the human to know and recognise their true nature, it is the allotted time.

To be used together Crop Circle 226 and 227

Twin Souls/flame conjoined Phoenix rising/creator To find our connection to the other self, the self we wish to be. To climb out of the soup/lower energies into the light of the star beings. To be able to recreate every cell and heal our bodies instantly. To receive information from the sun and moon/ sky and earth. Both sides of the heart then become one and we can talk to the lost and forgotten part of our psyches that knows.





228.) Little Nutford, UK 2021

Photo: Nick Bull
The field had been cut but still signs of the formation.  
The energy was very strong but gentle and had the same Egyptian quality of the other Lions Gate crop circle remedies made. They are all connected in some way! All through the meditation while the remedy was being made there were clicking and popping sounds all around me. A bright white light when I closed my eyes that rapidly changed to a light blue. The light blue was shimmering like the suns rays on water.

The waters of life
Water of the planet
Represents all life on the planet
To help us flow into being
To sustain all life on the planet.
Creates a spiral to lift us up to the sky where the waters form and back down to earth again.
The formation is connected to wind power and water energies.

Deep connection with our terrestrial selves, and a strong expansion in our auric field and immediate frequency shift and heightening of pitch of the sounds heard by our inner ear and our physical ears could hear “Greetings and welcome” was heard from the terrestrial beings “ we are happy that you are here”, from this point on the frequency of the planet raises to the 5D and this circle will remind humans of their purpose to rise with the frequency and the frequency of the soul of the planet .. there is no halting all is perpetual motion...





229.) Chauvency-le-Château Verdun, FR 2021

This crop circle was created in an area that became the scene of great slaughter in the history of Europe. The essence connects us to our subconscious. We learn to see who we really are and it strengthens our self-confidence and our inner strength. We recognize how we as humans have been manipulated by groups throughout history. It strengthens our trust in our inner strength and thus helps us to lovingly withdraw from these manipulations and not let them affect us.